Recently we partnered with HealthUnlocked which is a social network for health. HealthUnlocked is a community for people with similar health backgrounds where people can take on day to day health concerns together.

These communities are set up by leading health organisations people have access to credible support.

Our community is called Start Moving Start Living and we want you to join the conversation.  It’s an easy: Go to and:

  1. Click on “JOIN UP” in the top right corner
  2. Create your anonymous username
  3. Provide your email address (it will not be shared)
  4. Create your secret password
  5. Go to and click on “+ Follow
  6. When you have a moment, write your first introductory post, something like “Hello everyone, it’s good to be here, I’m interested in this community because…….” 

That it, you are in! Just 6 steps, it’s quick and simple, and just takes a few seconds, we would love to welcome you to this exciting resource.

You can learn more about HealthUnlocked here: