Plan to attend the A.C.T NOW! Rally. 

Since 2010, Movement is Life, (MIL) a multi-stakeholder group, has been focused on decreasing musculoskeletal health disparities among women and racial/ethnic minorities by raising awareness of their impact on chronic disease management and quality of life. Our efforts and programs to educate and provide access to change have targeted patients, healthcare providers, communities, and policymakers.

Unfortunately, it remains a tragic fact that racism continues to exist in our healthcare delivery system and is silently killing individuals every day. The restructuring of healthcare payment models could have an even greater debilitating effect on our communities. The time for action and change is NOW!

MIL has always been a catalyst for change by energizing multi-disciplinary work groups and developing partnerships with individuals who are working to address similar issues. To that end, we are happy to announce that Movement is Life, will join the National Council of Churches in their A.C.T. NOW! (awaken, confront, transform) Rally on the National Mall on April 4, 2018. Dr. Mary I. O’Connor, Chair of the MIL Steering Committee, will speak during the program.

We aim to bring the following message:

Racism and bias exist in our healthcare system.

The color of one’s skin should not determine access to and quality of healthcare.

One’s zip-code should not determine one’s lifespan

We need to work together to increase awareness and end racism and unequal treatment in healthcare.

We need to support candidates who will work with us to ensure equitable care.

Please feel free to share this information with your colleagues and constituencies. To get more information about the A.C.T NOW! Rally and to Plan to attend the A.C.T NOW! Rally. 

Please join us on the National Mall to bring the message that we must end racism in our health care system NOW!