Getting healthy takes a village

Help get your community moving with these action steps

Communities across the country are kicking into gear to Start Moving and Start Living. They’re seeing positive results in the form of increased activity, greater mobility, less chronic pain, added camaraderie, increased worker productivity, and even reduction in healthcare costs—in short, a better quality of life.

Ready to get started?

1. Raise awareness.
Help spread the word about how the lack of movement due to joint pain is linked to obesity and other health issues such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, and more. Share the Start Moving Start Living trailer or full-length film at community events, with local businesses and churches, or on social media.

2. Emphasize the importance of movement as a solution.
An effective remedy for joint pain is movement. Movement is a form of therapy for arthritis. Learn more about joint pain and how to manage it with physical activity here:

Educate your community about the benefits of movement as the first step toward better health, increased productivity, and lower healthcare costs.

3. Identify your local resources.
Centers like your local YMCA, church, or community health center can serve as hubs for Start Moving Start Living initiatives like walking groups. Your workplace or house of worship can also be a good place to start. Trainers, nutritionists, community advocates, and other supporters can help your community take the right steps toward better health and less pain. Who can you partner with in your community? Go to to find your closest YMCA location.

Success Story
As seen in the Start Moving Start Living video, Operation Change is a great example of local resources coming together for better health. In this case, minority women from Chicago increased movement and physical activity, reduced pain, and improved their health through dancing, meditation, walking, and socializing in a safe environment.

4. Tap into public and private resources.
Many organizations offer free health resources and manuals. Here are just a few examples of successful programs you can implement:

Learn how you can start a walking group in your community:

Include older adults in your community’s physical activities:

5. Harness the power of traditional and social media.
Spread the word. Start a Facebook page to connect individuals to supportive fitness groups and Start Moving Start Living resources. Place articles in local newspapers, office newsletters, or email blasts. Ask physicians to hang flyers in their offices or play the Start Moving Start Living video in waiting rooms.

6. Look for Start Moving Start Living weekly health messages
Check our Blog often for tips and ideas to help your community start moving toward better health.


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