CDC Map Reveals Startling Obesity Trend in the U.S.

A “heat map” released by the CDC reveals the staggering rate of obesity in the United States and how obesity rates have increased dramatically over recent decades.

As seen in the video below, Americans are gaining weight at an alarming rate. Available data show that in 1985, most states had less generic avodart than 14% of their population considered obese—and many, less than 10%. According to the 2008 data, most states had more than a quarter of their population considered overweight—and some more than 30%. One can only speculate how these numbers will increase if nothing is done to reverse these trends.

Is Your Doctor Just Like You?

By ABIGAIL ZUGER, M.D., in The New York Times: Your relationship with your doctor is affected by the interpersonal chemistry that binds us to some and estranges us from others. Doctors see themselves in some patients, friends and relatives in others, and patients cheap avodart uk will instinctively experience doctor as parent or sibling, friend or stranger. When your doctor looks at you and sees a mirrored reflection, is that good for you, or bad? Read the entire article here.